Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Subi | Greenhills

Subi Greenhills 4 stars

Ahh! First review!

So yes, yes, Subi's. I am an avid, avid, avid Japanese food lover. From your well known Tempura to Hot Udon Bowls all the way down to your exotic Sashimi, I love them all.

I've been to quite a few Japanese restaurants (I'll refer to them as resto's from now on) and Subi will be one of those that stick in my head. First off, their salmon sashimi was fresh. For 6 fat, yummy slices, they were worth all the pesos paid. Then comes the my main order: Tempura Udon. Yum. I ordered the bigger portion and it was BIG. It came with 3 really long shrimp tempura and a huge bowl of Udon in hot soup.

Everyone was happy with their orders after dinner.

So why not 5 stars? Well, to the request of my Lola/Grand Aunt, we were placed in a private room. It was nicely set, but I feel it was too private because the servers didn't really come in and check as often as I'd like because I ran out of water AND tea. But at least they immediately got me water as soon as I asked for it.

Subi's is a great Japanese restaurant and I'm sure that my this visit won't be my last.

Yelp! Philippines. At least... my Yelp!


As my first post, I'm just going to talk about Yelp!

It's this website people use in the U.S. to find out beforehand whether an event, place, or, most importantly, RESTAURANT is worth visiting. It's based on a 1-5 star ranking followed by a reason why it deserved such rank. It's really helpful, especially if you want to wow all your guests for your own hosted events (i.e. dining out for a party, etc.)

I was a Yelp!-A-holic in the States, Yelping almost any place I go to (gyms, restaurants, hang-out places) because it actually is helpful for others. Kind of like that pay-it-forward deal. So yeah, since they're not here yet (totally being lame, Yelp!), I found away to remedy myself by starting this blog.

Now feel free to leave your own reviews by writing it out as comments. It'll be better if more people contribute so we can have a wide array of opinions to give the places a real, not totally biased opinions.

Hopefully, Yelp! will consider coming here since the Filipino culture is heavily involved and interested in food, partying, hang-outs, gimicks, and other what nots that we do, which is what Yelp! is totally made for to do. So come, enjoy, have fun, and make sure you make any comments on places. Hope you find my reviews helpful!